Survive, Thrive or Dive is a step-by-step training manual which will allow you to position your business ahead of the competition, as you strive towards achieving meaningful and effective long-lasting change.

Imagine if everyone in sales and marketing told their potential customers "Don't buy this product unless you're sure it will be of value!". That's the underlying premise behind the philosophy of providing value-added customer service, which you can read about below in "Evaluating the Value-Added".

That's also the premise behind providing you with 3 free chapters to read. Admittedly, some of the principles we build upon in these chapters were first introduced on previous chapters, so forgive us if some of the content seems a tad bit disjointed—our only other option was providing the whole book for free!

When you're running a business, your first priority is to make sure everyone, not just the executive team, knows the 5W's of your corporation. Don't know what that entails?

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Every customer service rep thinks they are, but the vast majority of consumers would argue that they're not. The million dollar question is – how focused are your CS reps on the needs of your customers? What does it even mean to be “focused” on your customer's needs? The answer is in being holistic in our approach to the customer, and “holistic” isn't what most people think it is.

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Properly understood, the sociological and psychological power behind the philosophy of value-added customer service is a critical key to maintaining your existing customer base and gaining new ones by referral. Do you participate in value-added efforts to show your clients how much you appreciate their business? If so, have you ever stopped to think if what you're offering to your client actually has any value to them?

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